Five awkward things female photographer must know

Hi folks, it has been more than a fortnight I have started blogging. I am a nature and street photographer, so my work requires going out of home and in less crowded places, among the public. Sometimes things go well, pretty climate sweet people, sometimes both are mean.

If you’re a photographer, especially a female photographer than once in your life as a photographer you might have or may face situations that I want to share with you.

Flirts are everywhere : Once I was doing a landscape photoshoot in the foothills of himalayas, the place was very beautiful and less crowded, some people noticed me, a guy at his middle age approached me, saying “Hi” with a smile on his face, I replied with a Hi and then he started to stretch the conversation by asking me what I do, where do I live, etc etc. At last, asked for my number, I didn’t give it but he started to follow me on social media, sent creepy texted. LOL. So, be careful of flirts when you are doing your photoshoot.

Unbelievable nature : Sometimes nature is unbelievable, it takes no time for a Sunny day to turn into dark and cloudy, as an outdoor photographer, our work requires walking on different terrains, so read the weather forecast carefully before going out for photoshoot.

Hotels : Photography takes us to new places in every project, in case of landscape photography, we gotta go to tourist destinations and in the outskirts of cities, after a day in the field, walking in the rain and on rocks, comfortable bed and good food are the only thing we wish for, but if you have no pre bookings, it’s really difficult to find a good hotels, which are safe for women. So, book your hotel before you plan for your photography project, sometimes there are no vacant rooms, sometimes rooms are not worth the bucks we pay, in case of online booking be careful because sometimes room are entirely different from the pictures on websites and some other times rooms are cool but service sucks.

Washroom : If you are a female photographer, you know how important washroom is, in outdoor photography projects we gotta go to distant places, away from cities, for miles, there may be no hotels or restaurants on the highway, so, better be prepared and whenever you find a suitable place like small hotels, restaurants, Dhaba or public toilets, feel blessed, use it without hesitation, but always check for hidden cameras and mean people.

Sunburn : The Sun does not discriminate, it’s rays are same for all. I recall once I was shooting photos on Sunny day, without covering my arms and face, I forgot to carry my Sunscreen in my bag, after returning from field I found my skin was severely Sunburnt, so, do not forget to put on Sunscreen and cover arms while you’re taking photos outdoors in the Summer.

Hey Girls, I hope you’ll like my article and it will be helpful for you, feel free to ask me anything about photography and good places for photography in India, especially in North and North-eastern states.

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